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SPECTRA Technologies successfully showcased latest innovation at SEAMLESS ME 2023
Thank you all for your supports for a successful show at SEAMLESS ME 2023 in Dubai, UAE!

We have showcased an array of our flagship products at our beautiful booth – C30 including,

Smart Payment Terminal S1 - slim and sleek EMV payment acceptance device comes with a state-of-the art modular design with optional printer dock, scanner, charging dock, intelligent reader and self-service kit for any merchant scenarios.

Smart Payment Terminal S1 Plus - PCI-certified smartPOS is another option of EMV payment terminal that comes with an all-in-one easy-loading, fast, reliable and lightweight receipt printer.

S1 Self-Service Payment Terminal - complied with European Vendor Association (EVA) standard, it offers a robust set of payment features and is operationally reliable in totally unattended environments.

SoéPay SoftPOS - the most advanced SoftPOS white label solution in the market. SoftPOS is a brand new software-based payment solution that is suitable for various SME businesses. It turns Android smartphones into payment devices with contactless card acceptance and provides an innovative, leading edge SoftPOS White Label Solution with a low-cost standard package available. Its ready to use, fast to board software-based PIN entry function and quick time to market capabilities makes it your best white label solution.

tap-POS - flexible and low-cost Android-11-based device accepts all EMV-based contactless card, digital wallet and QR code payment options. Together with its lightweight, portable design and printer kit available, it is an ideal option for various scenarios and can be a complement to any SoftPOS solution.

Looking for slightly more traditional options? We have

APOLLO - the first android based terminal at SPECTRA. This smart device position itself is a breakthrough of payment terminals. Besides its all-in-one payment acceptance, APOLLO delivers ultimate hardware capability from software development to custom-made solutions for merchants.

T300 series - armed with the ARM® Cortex® secure processor, various kinds of payment applications can be handled in a single terminal.

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