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tap-POS and SoftPOS – the new way out for logistic industry
Cash on delivery is always one of the pain points to logistic industry because of the extra costs including manpower, security, extra time and money etc.

SPECTRA Technologies’ latest products – tap-POS and SoftPOS provides a timely, effective and economic solution. We are collaborating with a local logistic company and bring to the market an upgraded logistics management system app, applying innovation and technology while taking the best out of the traditional industry.

The Android device provides the possibility to personalize UX/UI to suit the specific needs. Supporting contactless, digital wallet and QR code payment methods, undoubtedly it is a convenient, secure and hygienic choice.

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Apple to open up its NFC chip – we are on fire!
In early July the European Parliament has adopted the Digital Markets Act (DMA) requiring Apple, Google and other technology companies to open up their NFC chip ensuring a fairer business environment, allowing app developers and third-party service providers to “access under equal conditions to the same operating system, hardware or software features that are available or used by the gatekeeper” and a wider choice for consumers.

As one of the Fintech pioneers, SPECTRA Technologies are on full force preparing to welcome this new payment era. One could anticipate us to provide an even more attractive array of products and solutions ever in the near future!

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