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Merchant & Acquirer Revenue System

Cloud Based Merchant Portal​
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Merchant & Acquirer Revenue System (MARS) is a cloud-based management platform which you can find all the aggregated and omnichannel transactional data on the dashboard — whether it is a credit card or a mobile wallet purchase.

MARS already certified the highest secure technology — PCI DSS, no sensitive data is stored or exposed during the whole payment process.

You can see the sales data, get business insights, and export report with just a few clicks anytime anywhere.

Terminal Management

MARS let you monitor the payment terminal status in real-time. MARS regularly gather device information e.g., GPS location, battery level, installed App, memory usage, and device health from the devices. MARS can push messages, lock, reset, or even wipe the devices remotely. The remote control in MARS allows the support team to diagnosis the payment terminal remotely.
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Shop Management​

The shop management in MARS let you update your shop details such as logo printed on receipts, user access, and device configuration remotely.

MARS App Marketplace​

The App marketplace allows merchant to manage and download Apps. Apps published can be from third-party developers, SPECTRA or even merchant themselves. All apps must be inspected and approved before publishing to the Marketplace. For security, the Marketplace can be private to dedicated acquirers, terminal owners or merchants.
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