provides an innovative, leading edge SoftPOS White Label Solution with a low-cost standard package available.

Its ready to use, fast to board software-based PIN entry function and quick time to market capabilities makes it your best white label solution.

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Why SPECTRA SoéPay SoftPOS Solution?

  • Streamlined, app-to-app integration
  • Tap to phone partnerships with Visa and Mastercard
  • PCI-DSS CPoC Certified, end-to-end PCI and card-scheme-certified total solution
  • Solid experience in traditional ISO8583 card-present host message connectivity
  • 100% digital and secure
  • No extra hardware is required
  • No maintenance and repair service fee
  • Accepts all contactless payment devices such as cards, smartphones, wearables with NFC

PCI-DSS CPoC Certified Total Solution

Fast boarding

Branding flexibility

Full support of Level 3 application development and host integration

Support software-based PIN entry function

Accepts Popular Payment Methods

*Coming soon

Your Ready-to-Use SoftPOS Solution

Use Cases & Scenarios


Foreign tourists can pay taxi's fee with credit card without worrying they do not have enough local currency in cash


Customers may prefer to pay by COD when they shop online

Restaurant & Bar

Streamline the operation flow for order and pay at table

Pop-up store / Weekend market

No need to apply or carry heavy terminals in occasional events such as pop-up stores and weekend markets

Ticketing and public transport

Collect payments during examining entry tickets if needed

Roadside parking

Parking fees can be collected at roadsides situated anywhere


A more convenient and easy-to-apply payment options for freelancers

At-home personal

Collects payments during at-home services provided for customers

Line busting

Payments could be accepted along the checkout queues saving customers’ time for better shopping experiences

Offline to online

Shares payment links with customers via social apps for online payments