About Spectra

The Greater China Leader


SPECTRA Technologies, founded in 1993, is the Greater China Leader in design and development of electronic transaction solutions. Our state-of-the-art technologies include the world’s first integrated cordless transaction solution, self-service electronic transaction solution, security magnetic card reader and detachable IC card and SAM card module. With the combination of innovation and pragmatism, SPECTRA Technologies’ pioneering hardware and software won top honours at various award ceremonies.


Our Dedication and Commitment


With the rapid spread of smart cards, new concepts and applications emerge. We at SPECTRA Technologies take pride in our broad vision. Our people have the expertise and creativity necessary to anticipate market needs, and we strive to develop technologies with the future in mind.

We continue to place special emphasis on innovative and pragmatic solution development not just to keep you abreast with time, but also to ensure that your investment is protected. Using our hardware, software, comprehensive ranges of professional and customer services, you can count on smooth and effective operation with secured and advanced solutions.


Management Team


SPECTRA Technologies’ management team is one of the localized experts, which centred in Asia’s market. We at SPECTRA Technologies share the same goal of contributing to the public with quality living through bringing electronic efficiency and convenience to people. We have customers and partners around the world in more than 65 countries. Our management team includes:

Yeung Tat Wing – CEO & General Manager
Alfred Hung – Sales & Marketing Director, Asia Pacific
Timothy Wong – Director
Sam Or – General Manager of China Office