All-in-one POS terminal

APOLLO is an Android-based smart payment terminal; it accepts every kind of payment and offers the most advanced payment experience. It comes with a card reader for chip and contactless cards, camera for QR code payments, and a multitouch screen for electronic signature capture. Designed with user-centered in mind, APOLLO works perfectly standalone or integrated with your POS system.

Software and development

APOLLO dedicated SDK and API make it easier for Android developers to start software development in APOLLO. It not only supports aggregated payment methods but also can be integrated with online and in-store marketing platforms of merchants.

Cloud based merchant portal - MARS

Alongside with APOLLO, the Merchant & Acquirer Revenue System (MARS) is a cloud-based management platform to streamline your daily operations and lower operating cost. The Cloud-based platform “MARS”, offering omnichannel payment details at a glance to retailers in real time and providing detailed analysis reports. Retailers can offer the best payment experience as possible to consumers to increase customer loyalty and sales opportunities.

The 3 tiers in the APOLLO ecosystem


For developers and service providers to create apps or integration.


Software integration for ECR integration or value add apps


Software development for payment or non-payment purpose


The core mechanics are built around the APOLLO smart terminal for payment transactions, including the payment app developed by SPECTRA, terminal apps for receipts, configs and so on, and the payment gateway for multi-processor service.


Accept every payments with different value added apps

Payment Core​

Handle the transaction related logic​

Terminal​ Apps

Basic POS, transaction history, help and more

Payment Gateway

Process eCommerce payment or gateway transactions


Supporting software and services. Value-added apps are also included.

MARS (merchant)

View transactions, reports, searching, filtering and more

MARS (acquirer)​

Realtime terminal monitoring and remote configs update


Find and install apps

Value-added Apps

Suit merchant’s specific need

Developer Portal

SDK & API documentation, download and dev registration