Standpole (For T300 only)

• Payment mounting solutions for signature capture, Chip & PIN and mobile devices
• Secure, simple, easy to use
• Flexible for tilts and swivels movement
• Dimensions: 190(L) x 100(W) x 230(H) mm
• Weight: 240g

T300 Intelligent Docking / Charging Docking
(For T300 only)

• Allows seamless ECR linkage
• manages peripherals without sacrificing the mobility

SP530 Charging Docking (For SP530 docking version only)

• Stylish and lightweight
• Always keeps terminal charging to avoid low battery
• Maximize the benefits of your mPOS investment
• Clear power LED indicator
• Dimension: 154(L) x 83(W) x 49(W) mm
• Weight: 100g

POS_Thumbnails CarCable

Car Cable Adapter

• For T1000 POS Terminal power supply inside a vehicle
• Extendable cable length up to 3 meters long
• Input voltage (car side): DC12V
• Output voltage (terminal side): DC9.5V
• Output current: 3A

Charger 1800

• Save time, low cost, more efficient
• Clear status indicator LED
• Can charge max. 3 batteries at one time
• Support T1000 Lithium-polymer batteries

POS_Thumbnails charger